Posted by: Raws | January 19, 2011

One More Week in Yokohama

I took my sister to the bus stop for Narita Airport today.  I’m sad to see her go though I will be seeing her in a week’s time. It was nice showing one of my family members all the cool stuff here. Beer in vending machines, rice balls, trains, nature, the food, the architecture, and the atmosphere. The day flew by while her was here.  Lots of fun adventures.

Now that she’s gone I’ll be posting less about my daily life here in Japan. Not to mention I’ll be leaving in a week.

This brings me to my next dilemma: job hurting. I still haven’t secured a job here. This last week will be my final attempt. I have to gather my courage and go out into the city to “pound the pavement” as they say.  I’m not sure how well this approach works here.  Sending emails to every and any english conversation school hasn’t worked so far. No responses. I’m on the fence about emailing them all again.

I’ve toyed with the thought of directing them to this blog. It would at least set me apart from the rest of the applicants. I applied for more jobs through Gaijinpot, but it is disheartening to see how many others sent in applications. I have a one in 1000 chance at getting this job you say? I’d rather take my chances with scratch offs those give me better odds at winning but sadly they have worse odds at loosing. Sending in applications only takes away my time.

Besides the pressures of job hunting I get to endure pressure from my family to find a job. I’d like someone to help me or give me advice about these things. The best advice I’ve gotten was from my stepfather. His advice for going into an interview was to think of all the positive aspects of myself and to ask “Why not me?”.  I understand now how that question can be turned around into a negative one, but at the time he gave me great confidence with his words about what he saw in me.  Why shouldn’t I get the job? I’m pretty awesome, what’s not to like?  Even now when I think about that moment I feel peaceful and full of confidence. The trick is to remember all the great things I’ve done in my time.  If I can get through marching in the Macy’s Day Parade I should certainly be able to pull off asking for a job in person. Right?

I’m thinking of going out tomorrow.  Wish me luck! Until then.



  1. Chin up Roz!! Job hunting is the absolute worst, but you just have to “keep on trucking” and eventually you will find something…I do hope it happens sooner than later though!

    Some tips I have: I’m not sure if this might work over there, but I find having a personal contact that can refer you to someone through their own name speaks volumes to an employer. Not sure if maybe you have someone where you are now, but maybe someone has some off the wall connection you don’t know about? If you’ve already tried this and nothing, then I’m sorry 😦 Only other tip I have is that sometimes calling to an office and letting them know you sent in your application works to get their attention rather than an email because you never know if your email got sent to the spam by accident. Worth a shot I say. Good luck!!

    Oh, and yes! So excited for POTC, hence my need to blog about it, but I got side-tracked and ended up watching the trailer about 4 times, lol. Will keep my eye out for anything new and let you know 😉 Cheers!

    • Thanks for the advice!!
      I have contact someone who could help but now she isn’t responding to my emails… though I did get a response from someone else today. hence the picture question on facebook

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