Posted by: Raws | January 18, 2011

Visit Day 6

Today was nice and relaxing. Slept in till lunch time. Went to the Ramen Museum for delicious spicy miso ramen. From there we rode the trains to Higashi-Harukaku Station to see the Buddhist temple.  It was quite the climb to get to it. Not too bad though. My sis took pictures; I bought a charm from the shop; and we both received a free calendar from the nice old lady there.

We walked all the way back down the main road to the apartment from there after we bought some interesting kitkats.

They are tasty by the way. If you like blueberry flavor, which I do.

Since then we’ve relaxed. I’ve debated what to write on here, since today was so sparse. I was thinking of responding to the topic of the day.  I haven’t had the time to think on it properly though. But because people are bugging me to finish up my blog I think I’ll stop here for now. We have to beat Scott Pilgrim tonight because my sis is leaving tomorrow. Time to play!


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