Posted by: Raws | January 17, 2011

Visit Day 5

So today we ran around Tokyo. My feet are at their limit now. Tomorrow we’re taking it easy and sticking to Yokohama.

We started out the morning with breakfast at Denny’s. And I ate this below.

Afterwards we went back to the apartment to change and etc. We rode the train to Shibuya and took pictures of the Hachiko statue shown below.

Then it was off to Asakusa to see the Senoji temple.  I had already been there before and seen everything. My sis bought a neat fox mask there. We wondered about and looked at all the other shrines around there. If you like shrines Asakusa is a good place to go.

From there we hopped back on the Ginza Tokyo Metro Line to Ueno. We walked around the park there, found the zoo that was closed, and saw some more cool temples and shrines.

After that we checked out the grounds of the Imperial Palace. That place was huge. We had to walk a lot there, so much so that we got tired and headed back for the night. The last stop we made before the apartment was McDonald’s to sample their new Texas 2 burger. We shared one and it was pretty tasty.

For dinner it’s takoyaki. Yummy.

Till tomorrow.


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