Posted by: Raws | January 13, 2011

Visit Update #1

Today was the first whole day my sister was in Japan and we had fun!! The only bad part about today was that Casey was sick and unable to go to the Ramen Museum… so my sister and I ended up not eating ramen today. What we did do was go to the Pokemon Center in Tokyo and Tokyo Tower.

After Casey told us he didn’t feel up to the Museum we decided to go to the Pokemon Center!  My sister bought 25$ worth of merch and then we found some Japanese garden/park to go to across the street.  It was right next to Hamamatsucho station and only cost 2$ to get in. Very pretty. Plus lots of cool birds.

Then we discovered Tokyo Tower was down the street so we went there afterwards.  Since we didn’t want to spend the 850yen it cost to go to the observatory we walked around the other floors that we could get to without paying. We also say a cool Buddha shrine in the park next to the tower.

For dinner we ate yakitori and then went back to the apartment.  Now we’re preparing to go to Disneyland tomorrow! Yay! Gotta rest up for all the walking we’ll be doing.


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