Posted by: Raws | January 11, 2011

Let the Adventures Begin!!

Tomorrow, my sister will be coming to Yokohama, Japan to visit!! I’m excited because I’ve wanted to show my family all the wonders I’ve found here! There are so many places I want to take her! Starting with the cool stuff in Yokohama and ending who knows where. Plus we’ll be going to Tokyo Disney on Monday too! I can’t wait to share all this with my sister. Expect the next posts to be about our adventures through Japan.

Hopefully all the adventuring will not interfere with my blogging every day.  Typing of Adventure, there is a cartoon show that I am in love with that I haven’t mentioned before; it’s called Adventure Time!! (with Finn and Jake)

I always have my eye out for cool new cartoons. I remember back when I first saw the original animated short back in 2008.  Boy was I excited to hear it got picked up by Cartoon Network. Now it’s into its second season. Go watch it if you like fun quirky cartoons!

That’s it for today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually respond to the postaday2011 topic.


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