Posted by: Raws | January 10, 2011

Kamen Rider and Scott Pilgrim

Shortly after my last post I discovered that I’ve been forget to tag my posts with postaweek2011. But since I decided to do the postaday2011 yesterday I’ll start tagging all my posts properly.  Now on to today’s topic.

This weekend I went with Casey to see the newest Kamen Rider movie. There was a lot of action sequences so Casey didn’t have to translate for me that much.  I also know I bit of Japanese so with Casey’s help I got the gist of the movie.  Being in Japan has its benefits.

After watching the movie I was tempted to watch more of the older Kamen Rider episodes/seasons.  Before watching the movie I caught up with the current season.  My favorite character so far is Ankh with his crazy hair and awesome attitude.  The motif of the show is ordinary items like manhole covers, coins, cans, and gacha.  Its pretty neat; though it is for kids so it can be goofy most of the time. I look forward to watching more.

Another thing I did this weekend was finish reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels.  Casey and I want to play the game with my sister when she gets here on Wednesday so we need to finish reading them.  I enjoyed them immensely and found myself laughing all the time.  Now that I’ve finished with them I want to watch the movie again! Go read them if you haven’t!


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