Posted by: Raws | January 9, 2011


I’ve committed myself to blogging everyday! I need at least one goal to meet this year besides getting a job.  It is a daunting task but one I feel comfortable with obtaining. Cold calling scares me.  Just the idea that I may need to do this in the last week I’m here sends depression and fear down on me.  It’s almost ruined my whole day.

Job prospects here in Japan are low… though I have recently found a whole bunch of English conversation schools in the area thanks to this site.  I’ve sent some of them email inquiries. Others I’ve located with google maps and plan to walk in to ask about jobs.  Typing out strategies always clears my head of fear and uncertainty.  Some of the time those feelings don’t come back; if I’m lucky.  At least with blogging it’s possible someone is reading this and could share some advice.

These thoughts came upon me after my sister reminded me of one of the reasons why I ran off to Japan; that being to get away from the unspoken questions about why I’m not employed yet.  Things may have been better if I didn’t have to worry about paying off loans.

With all this pressure to find a job I’ve barely been able to write my stories.  I need this blog to keep me on track with writing every day and so I don’t get rusty with typing my thoughts.  This blog will hopefully keep me sane.

Time for something more fun!

Dark from D.N.Angel always cheers me up! Until tomorrow.


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