Posted by: Raws | January 8, 2011

Manhole Covers

When I first came to Japan I discovered that each city had unique manhole covers.  Since then whenever I see a new one I take a picture of it.  I have a lot of pictures of these maintenance ground hole covers from my previous time in Japan and I want to share them with everyone. Before I get to the old pictures I wanna start with the most recent.

Here in Yokohama I’ve found three different ones.  I also found one in the Chinatown here but since I didn’t take a picture of it yet you’ll have to wait for it. So here they are;

The one above is found near Landmark Tower and features Yokohama’s Nippon-Maru.

This one above is the most common cover I’ve found in Yokohama.


This is the last one. It says Yokohama in katakana and has a cute little hippo!  It is a bit plain but the hippo makes it all better.

I hope to make this the first in many posts featuring the Manhole Covers of Japan.  I’m looking forward to sharing these image with everyone if they haven’t already seen them.



  1. Definitely yes Japan manhole covers are well known for their artwork and different colors.

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