Posted by: Raws | January 7, 2011

Random Japan Stuff

So yesterday I intended to post pictures of the Gundam models I’ve made, but got distracted by Castle playing.  Another reason was I had no pictures to post because I was too lazy to drag out the ones I had finished and take pictures of them. I’m staying in a one room apartment with Casey, which means I have to put away anything I’m not using just to keep the floor cleared.  In order to make up for the lack of pictures I’ve decided to post a couple from my time here in Japan.

First up is a picture taken on the trip to Hakone with a nice view of Mount Fuji in the distance.

Sorry for the quality. I took this with my ipod touch, which has a crappy camera. Casey took a better quality one with his camera. I didn’t want to drag around my own.

The picture above is off a few items I bought around Christmas time.  There’s the Christmas donuts on the bottom; two kinds of Caramel Corn snacks; Gundam Bearbricks gotten from buying Pepsi; and McDonald’s food straps.  These items were only available here in Japan.  I especially enjoyed the donuts though they weren’t as good as one I’ve had in California.

That’s it for tonight. Time to get back to building Strike Freedom Gundam.


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