Posted by: Raws | January 5, 2011

Holidays in Japan

Since the end of October I’ve been in Japan. Because of this I spent Christmas and New Years here in Japan.

The streets were all decked out in Christmas decor and then switched to New Years decor after. Christmas day was more interesting than New Year’s Eve.  This was because I went out of my way to make a proper Christmas dinner with the Crock Pot.  It was very delicious though it took some time to gather all the ingredients.

New Year’s Eve was spent indoors with my boyfriend; drinking, watching movies, and building Gundam models.  The area the apartment is in was pretty quiet at midnight.  Maybe next year we’ll do something more exciting.  Even so, I enjoyed myself over the holidays; especially since I spent it with Casey.

Sometimes I forget I’m in Japan.  That is until I leave the apartment.

So today, I spent the day trying to finish the second book in the Fallen Moon trilogy before Casey got back from work.  I totally failed… doing two loads of laundry and cleaning up took time… bah who needs clean clothes and a clean room?  I guess I do.

Time to watch more Doctor Who.



  1. awwh! id love to visit japan one day too!! 😀 hopefully ill still remember some of the japanese i learnt in school!! xD!

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