Posted by: Raws | January 3, 2011

Ponderings About Anime and Manga

Well, I was going to type about my anime and manga favorites of 2010 but there aren’t many I fell in love with last year.  The only anime that comes close this year was Durarara. I just haven’t been in the mood to watch anime… but I’m getting back into watching some right now…

As my profile blurb states; I like manga more than anime.  So naturally I read a lot more manga than anime. Part of that is because there is more manga available than anime. Mainly it is because I like the art more so than Japanese animation. 2010 held no new manga for me to read. There are plenty that I still love to read, but no new ones come to mind that I found in the past year.

There are some older manga that are getting interesting again; especially Bleach.  I was getting sooooo bored during the Hueco Mundo arc. I really like Ichigo and whenever the story moves away from him I find myself not caring about the other characters. The current chapters coming out in Japan have grabbed  my attention again. Can’t wait for more.

Another older one I’m waiting on pins and needles for the next chapter is D. Gray-man! I’ve always loved that one.  Hate when it goes on hiatus though.

One of my first favorite mangas that’s been going on since 1997 is D. N. Angel.  It’s going on hiatus again but I have faith that it’ll come back in a timely manner unlike last time…

Well, that’s it for my loves of 2010.  Now back to job hunting in Japan! Or maybe I’ll just read the rest of the Fallen Moon trilogy thanks to Borders’ online e-book Australia store.



  1. […] Bleach and such but I don’t feel like those are worth my time. I’ve typed about Bleach already. I’m sad to say that it’s gotten boring again […]

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