Posted by: Raws | December 17, 2010

2010 Webcomic Love

None of the webcomics I’ll be mentioning were started this year or found by me.  I’m still madly in love with them. I don’t really have an order to them either more like the first place in different categories. So here we go into the first one!

First place the category of Abandoned Webcomic: Heartbreak Hotel

I’ve been reading webcomics since the year 2000 and there is always one I go back to even when the creator has given up on it completely. I fell head over heals for this one way back in high school and have always held a torch for it since.  Though it has been taken down I still can read it from the downloaded copy I have on my computer. Even now, I hope for its completion.

The one I’m typing about is, Strings of Fate, by Jen Wang. I’d give anything for her to complete that one! If I had the money I’d pay her to finish and publish it! Sigh, if only the world weren’t so cruel. Maybe one day it’ll grace the shelves of bookstores. Until then I’ll just keep my figures crossed.

Next up is Fantasy Webcomic: Be Still My Heart

And the winner is Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire!!

This year I finally caught up with this long running webcomic! It has everything I could want in a fantasy comic. The puns, the corny jokes, the action, the gore, the angst, and the drama are all great! Its creator is also an awesome guy who updates every business day of the week! Its so nice to be able to count on at least one webcomic to update regularly.

Which brings me to another timely updated one in the category of Game-Centric Webcomic: Entertain Me

Move over other game-centric comics like PvP and Ctrl Alt Delete you guys blab waaaaay too much! Make way for Penny Arcade!

This one is an old stand-by of mine that I read off and on to get in some laughs for the day. Most are short and sweet. Sometimes there are even stories within its digital pages.  I enjoy most of their strips but not all. I’m not a hard core gamer so I don’t get all the references but it isn’t always about games.  Their new posts are great to read as well.

I almost subcategorized it as a Love-Hate Relationship but there’s been more love and less hate this year. It was mostly referring the rocky start of our relationship. We didn’t always get along.  But that’s true of most of my relationships with game-centric webcomics. Maybe one day I’ll find it in my heart to give PvP the respect it seems to deserve. For now its just too wordy for me. And I wont be giving Ctrl Alt Del any more chances.

Last but not least is, Doujinshi Style: Quit Playing Games with My Heart

No one plays games with my heart like Bleedman can! I love cartoon-network cartoons and many others and this guy knows how to pull the right strings! You can see what I mean for yourselves here. Nice art and semi-timely updates with a hiatus or two thrown in for good measure.

Anyway so much for keeping things short. Webcomics always seem so fleeting. I have others on my mind that I’ve enjoyed this year but they don’t warrant a whole paragraph. Not that my opinions matter much to the general populace. Regardless, here are more webcomics that strike my fancy.

Megatokyo, Underling, Dresden Codak, Amya, and Looking for Group.

That brings me to the end of my 2010 Webcomic Love list maybe next year I’ll find another webcomic to love as much as these.


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