Posted by: Raws | December 8, 2010

New Links

A while ago I posted links to my writings and today I’ve add my artwork profile on DeviantArt.  Go check out my drawings and photography.  Oh! And my stories too!

I want to add some of my older artwork on there but I forgot to transfer the files to my new laptop… Therefore I have none of my sketches here in Japan since they are all on my external which is back home in the USA.

For the last week I’ve been focusing on applying for jobs here in Japan and scouting for local businesses. So far I’m out of luck with finding a job near Casey’s apartment but I feel like everything will work out in the end.

Its nice to be able to focus on myself for once and not be consumed by my family’s troubles. Though I do miss everyone especially since this will be my first Christmas away from home.  It will have to happen sooner or later.

Don’t forget to check out my art and stories! I’d really appreciate it!



  1. Do you miss me and Copper? I know he misses sitting on your lap while you read a book. More good luck on the book; editing is alway rough.

    • Of course I miss you guys! It’s lonely reading alone.
      I finished Incarceron today too.

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