Posted by: Raws | November 6, 2010

In Japan

I made it safely to Yokohama, Japan over a week ago.  I have about three months to look for a job here and then it’s back to the States.

Thanks to Casey I’ve been playing Minecraft.  I love playing it! Sooo much fun! I’ve played it so much that I’ve been waking up Casey in the night about it.  Today I did some farming and planted a bunch of trees.  *sigh*

Well, back to doing something more productive.



  1. Something more productive than planting trees?

    Mining Diamonds?

    Hee hee hee, best of luck in Japan and I hope your job search doesn’t take too long so you can sit back and enjoy the sights in your time out there. Awesome banner by the way, FLCL for the win!

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