Posted by: Raws | June 24, 2008

Broke With No Income

I don’t have money! Well I kind of do, but that’s for food and the rising price of gas. Last month’s crisis was needing new brakes. Now its extra college fees; part of which is a late fee on top of the others I didn’t know about. Damn the Wellness Center fee and the lab fee!!! Now I gotta come up with close to $300 I don’t have!!


Besides that things have gotten better since the death of my favorite uncle. Life can only get better, right? Nope, well maybe for a little while till it sucks again. Just don’t be around me when that time of the month rolls around, because you don’t want to see me when I loose my temper. From it I’ve learned that all this crap is affecting me and when that time comes I am prone to lash out or burst into tears. I even considered not going to movies because of it. I even shed a tear in Kung Fu Panda! And now everyone knows my problems!! But not all of ’em.


In better news, I’m reading a great book called Widdershins part of the Newford books from good ol’ Charles. That keeps my spirits up and so do the puppies Wall-e and Momo (aka Mojo). They are both such a comfort to me plus they’re cute! The bad thing is Wall-e may be going to a new home… =[ Dad says he can’t handle three dogs. The good thing is I approve of the person he may be going to.

I need to go back to doing my chem stuff.

This long post is due to my lack of updating, so I hope you enjoyed it you sickos. 8]



  1. I don’t know if I could enjoy the post since you called me a sicko. see you on monday weirdo.

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