Posted by: Raws | December 4, 2007

Last Day…

Damn, its the last day at JST already…. I’ve given most of my presents away and have decided to give the almonds to Oora-san since she has done so much for me. The first time I was sick she brought me sandwiches, apples, and milk. The last time she gave me bread and more apples.

I still have the apples and let me tell you, they are big and when I knock on them they make this sound that leads me to believe they are hollow. I also have mikans (tangerines) sitting by my tv next to the apples. I got them from my co-workers last week and today I got a ton of stuff from just one lady! Kirihata-san is really nice! She even took pictures at my good-bye party and had them ‘developed’ to give to me on monday.

It’s nearing the end of the day as I type this; only 25 minutes left.  My desk has been cleared off and cleaned out.  So has my locker, though it still has my clothes. 

In other news I went to Universal Studios Japan on sunday. Went on a ton of ride and saw some cool shows. The ones I liked the most were Wicked, and Toto & Friends. Both having to do with the Wizard of Oz.

I liked Toto & Friends because there were all these other animals in the show. I’m a sucker for any show with animals in it.  I liked Wicked because it was cool and I understood a lot of it. This was due to the fact that half the cast spoke english and were ‘white’, which resulted in half/part of the play being in english. I want to read the book now.

Time to say good-bye to everyone here at work… T.T  my throat is already clenching up.


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