Posted by: Raws | December 3, 2007

Second to Last Day At Work

I can’t believe its almost over.  Tomorrow I’ll be bringing gifts for my co-workers and saying good-bye.  T.T  crying face… I’ll be leaving at 6:55pm from Osaka Kansai International Airport on Wednesday and back in the states at 11:11am the same day.  Living the same day twice! 

Last Friday was my good-bye party.  Everyone from the QD department was there and we ate at a restaurant called Hanamizuki.  All the food was really delicious.  The parties we’ve had were the best part of working at JST.  Besides the getting payed part.

I actually have work to finish so its time to get back to it.



  1. You had a good bye party?
    Did you get drunk and dance topless on the table?
    Did Chris?

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