Posted by: Raws | November 27, 2007

Crunch Time

I’m down to my last week in Japan! This went by fast. I’m really glad I was picked to be in the program. The state of my room right now is a good reflection of how I fill right now: a mess. I need to send out packages, organize the all the stuff I bought here in Japan, figure out who’s getting what, see if I need to buy more presents and see if I can get away with not having stuff for everyone. I also need to clean up my room before See comes because she’ll be crashing in my room for three nights. I wish I’d said no to her but I firgured I’d need a push to get ready early before, say, the day I leave.

So much planning to do! Its making me dizzy…. fura fura…

I couldnt sleep last night because of all this. On top of this I’ve been asked by a less fortunate person to get him contacts over here for a non-school sponsored co-op.

I hate all this stress. X[  I actually have a headache now…. That exhausting trip to Tokyo isnt helping. Typing about it seems to make things worse…. I need more than 6 hours of sleep…

Its hard for me to keep my train of thought going when I’m in this state. See what less than 8 hours of sleep can do to a person?

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  1. So, stressed out are we? I know this ounds expensive, but shipp everything FedEx. It’s resonably priced, all things considered. I don’t want you to suffer like me. I’m not sure you could. My suitcase weighted 73 kilos.
    Yes, that’s right kilos.
    Not even counting the two other bags I was carrying with 3 adult Harry Potter books and other “lightweight” assortments.
    Seriously with the weight penilty they are going to slap on you; everyone will be happier with it being delivered to Fresno asfter being intrusted to the best in the business.

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