Posted by: Raws | November 25, 2007

Exploring Tokyo

I’m back from Tokyo! Shit, I’m tired….two nights of sleeping on buses isn’t very comfy. Especially a Japanese bus. My knees were touching the seat! I’m just glad they were nice enough to not put their seats back any further. The second time (last night) I actually slept long enough to dream.

So the schedule for the day went as follows (not including train travel):

1. Arrived at Tokyo station 6am

2. Fish market: Breakfast

3. Tokyo tower: Bought a watch, postcards, and a pen

4. Square-Enix Store: Bought Tonberry and FF figures

5. Yoyogi Park: Took pictures of Kanchi in the park

6. Lunch at an AWESOME Thai place in Harajuku

7. Akihabara: Bought buncha stuff

8. McDonald’s: Rested & killed sometime till bus ride

9. Shinjuki Station: I hate this station the most because it is sooo confusing

10. 11:45 pm Night Bus from Shinjuku

I got back to the apartment at 10am. I think my feet are swollen… and it’s that time of the month…..where I loose my magical powers.

:End Post:



  1. OMG. Our periods are still matching up. Creepy and you know I’m like a 3 monther. Even weirder.
    So show me so kanchi pictures!! Or put them on facebook. When you get back flapper and kanchi will go on a trip so they can take pictures together. Awesome.

  2. should have been “some”, but whatever….

  3. oh and ask me for my password.

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