Posted by: Raws | November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Without The Stuffing or Turkey….

Thanksgiving has come and went here in Japan. It was KFC for me, but here they dont have mashed potatoes. Blah! I settled for fried chicken, colslaw, and a holey biscuit topped with maple-honey.  Very nice to eat dinner with other people and one being Chris too. Glad to speak a bit of english. Tamaoki (japanese girl who has been mistaken as chinese and works at the same office as Chris) pointed out on the receipt that it told us where the chicken we were eating came from. Interesting, huh?

So this year no stuffing, turkey, or taters. Darn. I miss them.

The good news is I’m going to Tokyo on Friday night, which means (USA) your Friday morning. Night bus there and night bus back. From 6am to 10pm. One action packed day! With very little sleep! woot

That is all for now. Time to fall asleep to the Edward ScissorHands soundtrack.



  1. Well we had all the usual stuff at Thanksgiving.
    When you get back we’ll eat a whole bag of stuffing. I’ll get Colin to take me to Costco, we’ll eat some in your honor on thursday.

    Is the pic above your mt. Fuji pic?

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